Wanted to elaborate a bit on this.

I do more and more introductions. It’s a great way to be helpful, but done the wrong way it can do more harm than good. From my perspective, there are two essentials to keep in mind:

1. Always allow for double opt-in
This is elaborated on here. In brief, you want to make sure both sides are okay with being introduced before connecting them. This way you avoid connecting people where one side does not want to follow up, and it also makes both the connector and one receiver look bad. 

2. Send something forwardable. 
This is elaborated on here. In brief, have one side send something that makes it easier for you to ask the other side for the meeting (double opt-in style). Be short and specific about what you do and why you want the meeting. More often than not the receiver is high in demand, so if your forward mail is too long you often end up not getting a reply at all.