Frequently shared links

I’ve probably read thousands of startup-related articles over the years: many bad, many good, and some excellent enough that I continously share them with founders whenever they need help on a certain topic (no need reinventing the wheel and so on).

I’ve saved all these articles in a google doc, but I figured it’s of more use if it’s publicly available - and updated as I find new gems worthy of being added. So here it is, my startup content database:

General advise before fundraising

Notes on raising seed financing from C. Dixon of A16Z

Paul Graham on almost everything you need to know about early-stage fundraising

Mark Susters super extensive guide to fundraising

VC Signaling, by me

Process and leverage in fundraising, by Aaron Harris of YC

The intro and pitch deck

How to write emails to early-stage investors by Michael Seibel, YC

How a pitch deck should be, 10 slides from Bessemer Partners

How a pitch deck should be, 10 slides from Sequoia

How to ask for introductions via email, by Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures

The two basic concepts of introductions, by me


SaaS Financial Plan, by Christopher Janz of P9 Capital

SaaS dashboard, by Christopher Janz of P9 Capital

Product market fit

How SuperHuman Built an Engine to Find Product Market Fit, by First Round Capital

WTF is PMF?, by Christopher Janz of P9 Capital


Sales advice for technical founders, by YC


Talent playbook by RRE ventures

Reference calls done right, by Cowboy ventures

Startup compensation, by Homebrew ventures

How to interview an executive, by Keith Rabois

How to Become a Magnet for Talent and Assess Talent


How to make OKR work at your organization, by Fist Roundt Capital

Will continue to update this post. Last updated January 9th.