One thing I discuss with all startups is distribution. I use the term distribution to describe sales and marketing activities – everything related to getting customers. Unfortunately, most companies both suck at it and underestimate how important it is.

Many seem to think that “build it and they will come” is true. Others seem to think it’s a small detail that can be attended to in no time once the product is finished.

Truth is, distribution is really really hard. And it takes a long time to get right. I find that most respect that building (aka tech) is a craft/skill. The same can’t be said for distribution aka sales, even though it’s equally hard if not harder.

You can fix most product problems on your own just by spending enough time. But distribution requires external parties’ consent. It takes practice and time to get it right. 

If you don’t start doing it early chances are you don’t have enough time to get it right. And then your company dies instead.