I believe consistency is one of the most important leading indicators to successful outcomes. This has been said in many ways by many people before me, eg. Woody Allen’s “80% of success is showing up” or the 1.01ˆ365 =37.8 perspective.

Thing is, being consistent is really really hard. It’s about habit forming, and it usually revolves around activities that might be important but arent’ urgent. It’s easy to sometimes not to prioritize such efforts, even though the long-term effects of consistent effort are very positive. This is why I’m spending a lot of time trying to improve with regards to this. I’m having success when it comes to both meditation and my biweekly newsletter, but not with regards to regularly writing here.

I have this blog mostly to improve my writing skills, but also to have an archive of topics I frequently discuss with entrepreneurs. I find it very helpful to put my thoughts in writing, as my perspectives on any topic immediately become much clearer - improving both my understanding and communication around it. Long-term I might try to drive some traffic to this site as well, but for now this is more a public place to post thoughts for my own record.

In other words, the writing regularly is something I know is very valuable for me. Because of this I said to myself beginning of the year that I should publish something here at least every Wednesday (excluding holidays). Four months in that has not happened, and I belive part of the reason is that I haven’t made any public committment to doing it. More people knowing of my committment -> higher cost of not being consistent. So this post is to help me find the time to write stuff here every Wednesday. To help me improve my consistency. Let’s see how it goes.