Practice articulation

One thing which continues to impress me when listening to podcasts with top investors is how clearly they are able to articulate their beliefs around what types of markets, technologies, and founders they want to work with.

I don’t think I’ll get a lot of objections if I say I don’t think you’re born with this skillset, but rather it’s something which is acquired through years and years of work. This means actually writing down what you believe and trying to improve how you phrase it over and over again.

When you really master this, I think you’ll publish stuff which some people might end up mocking for being really obvious. This is because a lot of beliefs - when articulated perfectly - sound really simple. It’s when you really understand something that you are able to explain it to anyone in such a way.

I’m not even close at the moment, but I practice my communication skills consistently and hopefully, I’ll improve how I articulate myself along the way.