Open for business

Uncertain times all around these days, for good reasons. I’m well settled in my new office which is in my bedroom at home, and all of my colleagues are working from similar setups.

Even though our office looks like a ghost town these days, we have not stopped working. Rather the opposite. Our mission, to support entrepreneurs with ambitions to build important tech companies out of Norway, is if anything more relevant than ever. The best thing those of us without a directly contributing job can do in this situation is to keep the wheels moving to the best extent possible - fight uncertainty with certainty.

While we for natural reasons can’t provide an awesome workspace these days, we continue to actively look for entrepreneurs to partner with and invest in. I have no doubt that some of the most important companies of this coming decade will be founded in this period, something this tweet from a few days ago put perfectly.

If you or someone you know see an opportunity to build an important company in this situation and need funding to get going, please reach out to me on kjetil at startuplab dot no. I’d love to talk.