Meta (or, why I write)

I’ve gotten a few questions lately around why and how I write stuff here, so I wanted to spend a few lines explaining it.

There are two main reasons why: First and foremost, writing is a skill I want to improve. I’m believe in learning in public, so putting my words out there makes it easier to get feedback and get better. Having good writing skills is an important part of my job - it helps me think, ask better questions and in general communicate effectively with the people I work with.

Further, if I repeat myself in a meeting more than 4 times, I benefit from writing down whatever it is I repeat. I can’t remember where I read this first, but it’s a really good rule - for two reasons. First, I force myself to articulate what I’m saying in a very crip and concise way, meaning I have a better chance of getting my point across next time I’m talking about it. And second, many times I can just share a link instead of spending time repeating something. Win-win.

Previously, the answer to “how I write” was “whenever I feel the urge”. I since realized that the urge appears too infrequently in a busy schedule, so I have since changed what the answer is. These days I write at least once every week (excluding holidays) - usually on Wednesday. No big deal if I’m a day late though, like this one. I don’t really care about the lenght of the post or what the topic is - 1.01^x is a big number if x is a big number so the main KPI is just production for now. Some posts are better, and when I have something I belive is worthwhile reading for more people I try to distribute them more broadly (most are just tweeted out once immediately after posting).

Lastly; all posts are written in English. This is a principled thing for me; a lot of the founders I want to connect with now and in the future will live in Norway but will not understand Norwegian. It is important to not exclude immigrants from the conversation, and the best way to ensure that is to use a language that is more broadly understood.